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Kelley Hutchison



I know what you are going through. Really, I do. I’ve been a first-time homebuyer on a small budget. I’ve been a seller who needed a return on that investment. And, most recently, I was someone searching for her dream home – a bungalow in Laurelhurst where my kiddo can climb trees at the park while my husband and I enjoy a picnic dinner.

Life isn’t without challenges, of course, but that can mean new opportunities and experiences as well. In 2018, our son was diagnosed with autism, and so sometimes that means navigating IEP meetings and advocacy along with playdates and preschool. It also means seeing Latourell Falls through totally different eyes, spending hours doing sensory play at OMSI and connecting with a neurodiverse community that is strong and supportive. Most days we feel grateful that we get to call this awesomely inclusive city our home.

More than anything, I want to help families, especially those with unique challenges and specific needs, find the right home with the right resources for their lives. Seeking out the perfect home and community and ensuring a smooth transition for that next step is what truly calls me to serve. I understand what the myriad of Portland neighborhoods have to offer and how they all contribute to making this a unique and wonderful place to live.

Before my career in real estate I was an English teacher for ten years, and I’ve been a parent for five. That experience transfers into clean writing and incredible patience – things that come in handy when composing an offer and negotiating terms in a competitive market. Wondering where your perfect place is in Portland? Let’s work together and find out.


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