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From Holland to FoPo!

More times than not a relationship with a buyer follows the same basic outline:

  1. Home buyer gets referred to you by a previous client
  2. Met said buyer and do a Buyer Consultation to wants & needs, timelines, budgets and to explain steps involved in purchasing a home
  3. Get buyer pre-approved by lender
  4. Go home touring
  5. Make offer
  6. Home sold

Every once in awhile, however, some of these steps get eliminated, and such was the case with Christiaan and Rian. Christiaan called me out of the blue and wanted me to meet him at a home in Foster-Powell that had just come on the market. I cleared my schedule and went out to meet him. I am glad I did because Christiaan fell in love with the home. We called his fantastic mother, Rian, in Holland and agreed to make an all cash offer.

After some back-and-forth with the sellers we got our offer accepted. The inspection revealed some issues and we went back to the negotiation table with the sellers and ultimately came to a happy conclusion.

Less than a month from when I first heard from Christiaan and Rian for the first time we closed on the house and Rian and Christian are the proud, new owners of their first home in the US.

Calle Holmgren