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New Record at the Embassy

Recently I had the honor of representing Tim and Tiffany in the sale of their unit 505 at the Embassy.

I am glad to announce that after listing the home at $285,000 we just closed at $303,000.

At an approximate square footage of 580, this means the price per square foot was around $520 – the first time in Embassy’s history that a unit has sold for over $500 per square foot!

The difference between a “property” and a “home” is a buyer’s emotional attachment to a house and that attachment can easily equate to thousands of dollars. My wife Nicole is a designer and gives free design consultations to all my clients. The purpose of this consultation is to outline what should be done to make the home appeal to more buyers and create that emotional attachment we are looking for. Moving furniture, bringing in accessories, de-cluttering, art placement, color schemes; this is all part of the design service that has been instrumental in our success.

Calle Holmgren