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A Love Letter to a Very Special Brunch Spot

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE brunch. Not only the food but the totally justified (compulsory?) day drinking that accompanies it. But not all brunches are created equal; sometimes you get served a saltless Bloody Mary that tastes like straight-up Clamato or a hash that comes out soggy from the inordinate amount of kale that was included for some reason. My partner and I have very different dietary restrictions and coupled with the sometimes outrageous wait times (I’m looking at you Alberta) for the places we like, brunch can prove to be a fruitless experience. 

In our deep dive of what St. Johns has to offer we had the good fortune of coming across Paiku. From the specialty cocktails (big fan of the Orange Julio) to the flavorful hashes served with home-made hot sauces – this place is the bonafide real deal. Each meal is typically served with a biscuit or peasant toast (go with the peasant toast, you will not be disappointed) and a ramekin of some top-notch home-made marmalade. There’s rarely if ever a wait and on Sundays, they switch to a limited menu which makes their food expediting a lot quicker. 

If you happen to find yourself hungry in NoPo and are looking for some killer brunch, give Paiku a try. 

P.S. I have yet to try any of their pies (which I believe is the intention of their namesake). Please go try one and give me the 411.