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The allure of design and architecture initially led me to the world of real estate. Over a decade into my career as a broker, my greatest source of joy and fulfillment comes from the thrill of assisting individuals in navigating their unique real estate journeys.

Originally hailing from the tropical paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii, I made a bold move to Portland in 2003. Why? Well, they say love is blind, and in my case, it was “sight unseen.” Thankfully, I fell head over heels for this city and its mantra: “Keep Portland Weird.” 

In my previous life, I wrangled a bunch of seventh graders as a history teacher back on the islands. If surviving that doesn’t scream confidence, I don’t know what does. It was my love of education and teaching that led me out of the classroom and into the dynamic and challenging world of real estate. I dove in head first and haven’t looked back.

Moving from education to the world of real estate, I’ve found immense fulfillment in helping folks through the significant process of buying and selling homes. The stress and anxiety that often accompany these transactions are met with my commitment to providing not just guidance but genuine advice.

My approach is rooted in understanding your goals and concerns, leveraging both my educational background and extensive real estate experience. I bring more than just statistics; I bring a listening ear and a promise to make your home buying or selling process as calm and relaxing as a day spent on the beaches of sunny Honolulu.

Let’s turn your real estate aspirations into reality with a focused and experienced hand, ensuring a smooth journey through the complexities of this market.



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