New Construction

New Construction

Positioning Special Projects

We have expertise in the world of marketing and selling mixed-use condominium, townhome properties, and special single-family developments. Portland has seen phenomenal growth in the last decade, and we are eager to partner with the most talented architects and developers to deliver these spaces to the market. We help Portland invest in construction that is not only beautiful, but is in alignment with buyers’ visions and the local landscape.

Our goal is to assist our developer partners in creating ideal opportunities to supply housing inventory to meet the demands of today’s unique market. We provide resources and services ranging from land acquisition to market and demographic studies, as well as marketing and sales coordination.

An overview of our resources and services

  • We understand zoning, density, and development and we take it seriously.
  • We are constantly looking for under-utilized real estate in an effort to maximize development and zoning potential. We keep a trained eye on the market for the most promising properties to share with our developers. We know what to look for and take an honest, realistic approach when sharing critical information with our clients.
  • We assist our developers with delivering the right product to the right demographic for the right price.
  • We know what different market segments want and we know what it’s worth. Because projects can take years to develop, build, and deliver, we assist in forecasting based on current and historical data. We also share our expertise in timeless design choices, market trends, and methods used to create highly demanded homes. An added bonus to partnering with us is the impressive cache of resources we use to assist in all phases of marketing, sales, and delivery.
  • Each of our projects deserves a special plan to reach our intended audience.
  • We design our marketing plans to be robust in order to tap into all necessary channels. We take the developer’s vision and translate it into a story that connects with the market. We leave no stone unturned and utilize creative, resourceful ways to share our information and promote our special projects. Our goal is to to create buzz and excitement around our new projects by keeping our message fresh and relevant throughout the entire process.
  • Pricing multi-unit development projects is an art and a science.
  • It requires a balance of absorption, value and sustained momentum all while satisfying our client’s pro forma. Pricing strategy and planning is custom to each developer, each project, and current market conditions. The most important part of our pricing strategy is a concept called “baseline pricing” which attempts to preserve the value of the whole development and not necessarily just individual homes. The most critical component of preserving the baseline price is the ability to articulate the value of the project to the buyers. We are confident in our ability to do so effectively.