Success with Elevate!

The Elevate Real Estate Program can transform your life and bank account. With my customized platform, I’ll show you how to use real estate to make smart financial decisions that will pay off and elevate your lifestyle for years to come. My mission is to help clients achieve financial freedom from their real estate investments while providing outstanding customer service throughout the process.

If you look at economists’ charts on real estate investments you’ll find that, when considering real estate as a long term investment, you can earn investment income for yourself to help prepare for other areas of your life such as retirement.

About 10 years ago Rebecca Ostrom reached out and was interested in learning more about the Elevate Real Estate Program to earn money for retirement. When we met initially we discussed her options and what she was comfortable with. Together we came up with a game plan to purchase a property that she could use to generate revenue. As her trusted real estate adviser I was by her side every step of the way and I’m beyond pleased with her outcome.

Opportunities for growth can often be the positive outcome of unanticipated changes in life. With equity in hand from the sale of a jointly owned property I purchased a home with long term residency in mind. After a few years and as the result of a robust housing market I began to reconsider my options. I discussed with Marika if it seemed feasible to purchase a condo as my primary residence and then retain my current home as a rental property. She encouraged me to explore and suggested I discuss financial strategy with a trusted lender. I did just that and went on to purchase the condo. I began to once again seek change and hoped I might benefit from the continuing boom in the housing market. I consulted with Marika and within a five-year period was able to profit from the sale of both properties and grow my assets with limited tax implication. This investment approach boosted my retirement savings and provided another resource in order to grow my nest egg further. I look forward to the next real estate adventure with Marika and the opportunity to once again benefit from her wisdom, encouragement, and stellar work ethic.”

– Rebecca Ostrom

The Elevate Program has shown a consistent success rate with my clients and it can help you too! Rebecca’s story is just one. Helping her secure a nest egg for the future was very rewarding for me. Knowing that there’s money set aside if something should come up is comforting. If you’re interested in learning how to navigate this system please call or email me today! I would love to discuss some options with you and see how we can get the ball rolling on your financial goals.

-Marika Feibel

It’s Time to Elevate Your Life!

My name is Marika Feibel and I’m a Broker with Inhabit Real Estate. I have developed a niche in the housing market for those who want to purchase a property with the intention of investing. Whether you are a first time home buyer, purchasing an investment property, or buying a vacation home, I can help you create a real estate portfolio that will engender revenue for years to come. My mission is to help clients achieve financial freedom through real estate while providing top-notch customer service. Real Estate is a fun, exciting adventure and I want you to feel comfortable every step of the way. Let me tell you a little more about this process.

What to expect as a seller:

Selling your home is all about timing and strategy. Elevate, a comprehensive plan I’ve created, uses proven systems for selling your home and getting the right price. Timing the sale of your home is super important. From our first meeting to signing the sales contract, it is critical that everything is done on the right timeline. 

Step One: Preparing Your Home  

I’ll visit you in your home so that we can discuss what’s necessary to get your home ready for market. This list could include: new interior paint, new carpet, fixing a leaky kitchen faucet, weekly yard maintenance while your home is on the market, etc. In getting your home ready to sell, the focus is on curb appeal and tidiness inside and out. These two things will peak potential buyer interest, getting them to your front door, and will allow them to imagine their belongings and their lives in your home. 

Step Two: Marketing

We’ll discuss Elevate’s sales and marketing plan for your home, as well as all the steps that I’ll take to get the listing date. 

Another important element is flexibility for showings. We’ll discuss your schedule to come up with the best strategy, allowing agents to bring potential buyers to your home with two hours notice. 

Step Three: Pricing

Pricing your home is very important. I’ll take time to look at your neighborhood recent home sales. Also, I’ll look online and go to a few of the homes in your neighborhood that are currently on the market to scope out your competition. 

Portland and the surrounding areas currently have a low inventory of homes, which means that if your home is priced spot on, you could create an influx of buyers. There are many buyers watching and waiting for their dream home to be listed. 

Step Four: Final Details

Once in contract, I offer an exceptional ability to close the deal. My experience and tenacity will shine through, which can mean the difference between having a transaction fall out of contract and closing the deal. 


“I have had the pleasure to work with Marika on both the sale and purchase of a home. I fully credit her diligent marketing skills, knowledge of industry trends, and the strategy during negotiation for the successful sale of my home. Marika has wonderful intuitive skills and worked tirelessly with me to find and purchase the property I envisioned as my next home. In addition, she continues to be a great resource and eagerly responds to my requests to view potential investment properties. I enthusiastically refer her out to others, and look forward to working with her again on future real estate transactions.”

-Rebecca Ostrom, Lake Oswego

“Marika is one of the most personal and attentive real estate agents in Portland. Not only is she a lifelong Oregonian, but her knowledge of the area, her understanding of the market and its inventory and real estate values positions her as one of the best. From  day one she was always representing our interests – whether it was a little thing in a home we were interested in that we might have overlooked, to keen insights on how to position our home for sale. Her ability to read the overall market contributes to her impressive fluency as a listing or buying agent. Overall, Marika is someone who excelled at her  job as being a steward and helping people through a very important journey without compromising the necessary  logic and analytical skills necessary to craft a winning offer.”

– Ruby gates, SE, tabor area