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Lindsay (Brie D.)

What I enjoy most about Lindsay is that she’s a straight shooter – she doesn’t tell you something unless she’s sure of it and if she’s not sure of it, she’ll go find the right answer. Another unbeatable quality Lindsay has is listening to what you want and trying to understand the aesthetic you like while looking for homes. I had plenty of realtors have me fill out lengthy questionnaires – which I’m not even sure they give a second glance to. Another thing I loved was that she was never pushy, never rushed us through a showing, never tried to get us to go over budget to find something better suited for us and never sent me a ton of listings that she knew wouldn’t interest us. Lindsay is the type of person I love working with because she makes me feel calm when buying a home is supposedly one of the most stressful decisions of your life – but Lindsay made this process as painless as possible and for that I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Lindsay. 

Joann Tourville

Operations Manager
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