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Marika(J and C)

Marika Feibel was fantastic in helping us find our “forever home”.  We assumed purchasing in the current real estate market was going to be difficult especially given our unique desires in the home we dreamed about.  As houses came and went, Marika remained a rock in the process. She never made us feel pressured, in fact, it was completely the opposite.  Her extremely calm demeanor and expertise in the marketplace provided us with much-needed insight and reassurance at key moments in the process.  Her suggestions were based on facts, she does her research! Repeatedly putting us in a position we were comfortable with, making sure, every nuance of the deals we wrote we owned.  While we may have lost out on some houses along the way, it turned out, none of them were really our dream home.  And when “the one”, did come on the market, she knew it was what we wanted,  We worked “together” for the house we now call “home”.   Her support team (Rolodex) is equally as impressive.  From contractor referrals, inspectors, and more everyone she connected us with along the way was professional and prompt.  When everything in the housing market seems so chaotic, it’s good to know there are people like Marika Feibel out there to bring calm expertise to the storm.   Big Thanks! 

Joann Tourville

Operations Manager
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