For Buyers – Use the tools available to you

There are many tools aside from online databases that can aid you in your search for a home. Use Google Earth and Portland maps. Use Melissa Data. Do drive-bys at various times in the day and evening. Talk to the neighbors. Use any tool that will help give you a sense of any desired neighborhood and properties.

For Sellers – Have a pre-inspection & be proactive

Anticipating maintenance issues in your home and being proactive with repairs will make the selling process much smoother. Some sellers bury their head in the sand and avoid fixing things until they come up in inspections. However, this can backfire: the buyer can have second thoughts when these surprises arise. Get a pre-inspection and fix what needs to be fixed.

For Buyers – Be open & flexible

Though you have a good picture of the house you want, it’s important to be open and flexible. Portland is a city that offers a very diverse housing stock. Allow the home search process to reveal things that you may not have considered before. Home buyers typically have to compromise on some aspect of their house so make a list of your priorities and be ready to bend a bit. Having an open attitude will allow you to effectively evaluate your options and make the best decision.

For Buyers – Get pre-approved and be ready

When you are looking to buy a home you should be both pre-approved and ready to go. Good homes go fast in Portland so when you are interested in a house, it is likely that others will be interested, too. If you are not pre-approved, you are not competitive and could lose the house to another buyer. One of our first steps is to connect you with trusted local lenders for pre-approval. And because buying a home is a big decision, we will help get you prepared and informed about buying a home in Portland.

For Sellers – Trust the Marketing Plan

When you are ready to sell your home, it becomes a product in a marketing campaign. It’s important to work with people that understand how to differentiate your property from the competition. Different properties warrant different marketing strategies: is the home vacant, is it distressed, is it multi-family? Is it located on a quiet street, near a grammar school, near a shopping district? Based on the property and your goals, we’ll design a strategic marketing plan with a 4-point approach: public communication, agent networking, online communication, and home “product” presentation. It’s important that you trust the marketing process. If you second guess it and let concerns and worries get the best of you, the process will become stressful. Trust our years of experience: we will sell your house.

For Buyers – Get a clear picture of the house you desire

We offer a highly customized process for home buyers so that you get a very clear picture of the home you want. It’s not just about beds, baths and square footage; it’s about the life you want to live. For example, maybe you want a south-facing backyard, abundant natural light, a master bedroom on the main floor, and a quiet street that is bike friendly. Maybe there is a specific neighborhood you love that works well for your work commute.  We support you in being as broad or as specific as you like. Once we have a clear picture of the house you want, we work together to find it.

For Sellers – Set Goals

When we meet, we will help you get very clear on the goals for the sale of your house. For example, why are you selling right now? How soon do you want to be out of the house? Do you need to be in the house for the next two months or is the house already vacant? Are you selling to buy? Is buying contingent on the sale of your house? We have the patience and experience to support you through whatever your circumstances and goals are. Once we have a clear picture of your goals, we will work together to achieve them.