Record Shattered!

When I first visited my clients’ home at 2217 NE Ainsworth I knew it was a special home. Adorable from the inside and even better on the inside, with a well-appointed floor plan, lots of light, original details mixed with modern updates and an awesome yard with a grassy area, a wood deck and a jacuzzi. Add to that a fantastic location right across the street from Alberta Park and I had a feeling this one would strike an emotional chord with buyers.

After my clients had moved out my wife Nicole and I got busy with staging the home and getting it ready for market. We watered and mowed the lawn, trimmed the bushes, and cleaned.

After lots of work the home was ready to come on the market. The weather forecast promised sunshine on the weekend we were to come on the market so we geared our marketing campaign towards doing some killer open houses.

The open houses were advertised in print, social media, online, through email and personal invitations, and since NE Ainsworth is a fairly large street, we even had custom open house riders added to the sign.

On the day of our first open house we were ready! Our daughters welcomed guests with some organic lemonade and property brochures. I was inside the home, offering catered food and giving a tour, and Nicole was in the rear yard answering questions.

The end result was even better than expected. We received 8 offers and closed escrow $54,700 over our asking price – shattering the record for a 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom, <1,500 sq. ft. home north of Jarrett Street!

Clearly, who you work with matters.

Calle Holmgren

From Open House to Ownership

I was holding open a townhouse at Orenco Station, located in Hillsboro OR, when an awesome gentleman walked-in and fell in love with the house. He happened to be riding his bike around the neighborhood at the time and had not put any thought into purchasing a home. Because he was a first-time homebuyer, I took the time to explain all the steps in the purchase process.

He walked away not knowing for sure if he was serious about buying or not. After thinking about it over the weekend, he called me on Monday and said that he was ready to make an offer! He had not been pre-approved yet so I referred him to my preferred lender, Carol Flanagan. She was able to send him a pre-approval letter in less than 2 hours.

When we originally submitted an offer there was a stronger one already on the table. After talking back and forth with Brian we were able to adjust the offer and resubmit which resulted in an acceptance. We then went through the normal steps of the home buying process. For instance, some repairs were needed, but for the most part everyone helped to make it a smooth transaction.

I’m so happy that I got to meet Brian’s super cute cat Sophie! She loves playing with receipts; he warned me before I walked inside his house about having receipts all over the floor.

Congratulation to my new friend Brian on this big, successful purchase!

Mattin Noblia

French Bakeries in Portland, Oregon

When you’re so used to eating french favorites like a pain au chocolat for tea time or a fresh baguette every day during meal times, it’s super comforting to find the comparable options in the city of Portland and its surroundings.

La Provence: This restaurant has been a local favorite for many years. The food is excellent, from their exquisite French bakery items to their dinners and desserts. There’s a great marriage between the beautiful atmosphere and exceptionally great food. What’s all the more tempting are the rows of pastry adorned cases that line the entrance when you first arrive. It appears quaint yet spacious, bright, and, simply put, somewhere you would want to spend time regardless of how mediocre the food could potentially be. They have 7 locations: Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, SE Division, NE Alberta, The Dalles, and one inside the PDX International Portland Airport. 

Saint Honoré: The rival of la Provence, Saint Honoré happens to be next to my office on SE Division. I’ve eaten there a bunch of times already this year. It opened in 2003 and the Baker is Dominique Geulin, MOF. His passion for baking took root in the coastal Normandy town of Etretat. As a young boy, living above the family bakery, he learned the secrets to traditional bread baking from his father, Hubert. This place is perfect! They have canelés! Yes! My favorite when a place has canelés! Their croissants are amazingly crispy and flaky and the canelés are just yummmmm. Who would have thought that someone would come up with the idea of a portable creme brûlée -ish type dessert and make it look burnt and then it ends up tasting like a fancy dessert in your mouth? 

Trés croustillant!

Mattin Noblia

From Holland to FoPo!

More times than not a relationship with a buyer follows the same basic outline:

  1. Home buyer gets referred to you by a previous client
  2. Met said buyer and do a Buyer Consultation to wants & needs, timelines, budgets and to explain steps involved in purchasing a home
  3. Get buyer pre-approved by lender
  4. Go home touring
  5. Make offer
  6. Home sold

Every once in awhile, however, some of these steps get eliminated, and such was the case with Christiaan and Rian. Christiaan called me out of the blue and wanted me to meet him at a home in Foster-Powell that had just come on the market. I cleared my schedule and went out to meet him. I am glad I did because Christiaan fell in love with the home. We called his fantastic mother, Rian, in Holland and agreed to make an all cash offer.

After some back-and-forth with the sellers we got our offer accepted. The inspection revealed some issues and we went back to the negotiation table with the sellers and ultimately came to a happy conclusion.

Less than a month from when I first heard from Christiaan and Rian for the first time we closed on the house and Rian and Christian are the proud, new owners of their first home in the US.

Calle Holmgren