Desirable Division-Clinton Duplex-SOLD!

Thinking of selling an investment property in Portland, but live out of state?  A great couple, Ethan(architect) and Erin (landscape designer), were in your shoes when they contacted me in early July.

Erin and Ethan absolutely love Portland, but life and family brought them back to New York, and they found their trips to Portland were no longer delicious forays into the food and art scene and visits with friends, but arduous work trips dedicated to maintenance of their much-adored duplex. Ethan wanted to reinvest proceeds into a property in New York, but many fond memories there left him conflicted.  The duplex had been his first purchase, and his time there marked many personal milestones, including meeting his wife Erin, the birth of their first child, and the commencement of their business partnership.

When Erin’s brother and tenant announced that he would need more space with a second baby on the way, Ethan and Erin decided to contact their neighborhood brokerage, Inhabit, to inquire about the current real estate market and their property value.  We chatted and instantly had something in common, as I am also a landlord in Portland with a personal connection to my property (living adjacently) and eased their fears about selling while out of town.  After they signed with me, they found out the brother-in-law/tenant was also going on vacation for two weeks, and he gave us free reign to clean, stage, and show his unit, a realtor’s dream when listing rental properties.

A week and half before it went “live” on the market, Ethan and Erin flew in to Portland to pack up some of their leftover mementos and did some final prep for the sale with my guidance.  I toured the property with them and made staging edits along with a detailed “to-do” list. I connected them with professional cleaners, roofers, and other contractors that colleagues and I have vetted over years for their diligence and affordable pricing. We rolled up our sleeves and de-cluttered, organized, packed tchotchkes and moved furniture.  In a pinch, I even stored some of their brother’s in laws furniture temporarily in my own home, checked on the property regularly and watered their beautifully landscaped yard tri-weekly, while it was unoccupied.

Long story short, the place sparkled and shined, and it launched wonderfully. After two whirlwind open houses, it went pending quickly (after receiving a total of 15 offers!) and closed for $76,000 over the list price. Ethan and Erin were ecstatic, title sent a courier to their home in New York so they could sign, and their proceeds distributed less than 30 days later, at the end of August.

So take note, out of state property owners! You too can have a very successful sale with a full service Realtor in Portland. I go the extra mile and partner with my clients along every step of the way to bring them the fastest sale and the highest price.

Moving near or far? Call Starr!

-Starr Gartner

A Home for Little Tomato & His Owners

Kim and Rojer reached out to me a little while back. They needed help finding a new home for themselves as the apartment they were renting in SE Division St. had become too small for their dog Little Tomato.

After looking at homes all over Southeast Portland without finding “the one” we switched directions and started looking in St. Johns. As soon as we did, Kim & Rojer knew this is where they wanted to be. After some house hunting we found an incredibly beautiful property close to Pier Park that was all they had ever wanted. We wrote an offer and got it accepted among multiple offers! 30 days later, Kim & Rojer got the keys to their new home and could not be happier. As for Little Tomato, he is loving his new home and the yard where he can run wild!

Calle Holmgren