Alex & Jody go to University (Park)

I met Alex and Jody in late 2015. They owned a beautiful 1926 bungalow in Hazelwood but wanted to move closer to Jody’s work in Beaverton. After negotiating a fantastic deal on the sale of their home our search for their next home began. Turns our being on the selling end is a lot more fun than the buying end… We made offers on five properties before finally getting an offer accepted on a very charming home in University Park. The house was everything Alex & Jody wanted- the charming interior of a 105-year old home, walking distance to nearby parks and New Seasons, close proximity to all the charming restaurants and bars of St. Johns, and most importantly- the house was 60 minutes closer to Jody’s work!

It was an honor to get to represent Alex & Jody in two of the largest transactions of their lives, and I feel proud that I was able to successfully navigate them through this challenging market and allowing them to move in to their new house just before needing to be out of their old one. I wish them all the best and it makes me happy to know that Jody no longer will be stuck in traffic on 26 freeway on her way to work, and instead will be driving on the beautiful Old Germantown Road.

-Calle Holmgren