For Sellers – Don’t take rejection personally

When you are ready to sell your home it becomes a product in a marketing campaign. This means buyers are going to come in with a critical eye and pass judgment on the property. It’s important not to take this personally: everyone has different styles and tastes, and people want what they want. As you get physically ready to sell your house, it’s very important that you also get prepared emotionally: the more you can detach from your property, the easier and more enjoyable the process will be.

For Sellers – Make yourself scarce

For best results, we want maximum exposure for your property from the start. The seller has the control of the negotiations in the beginning but, as time goes on, the buyer then gains control of negotiations. Therefore, make showing the house easy: relocate your pets and make yourself scarce. The more time I have to show the house in the beginning, the more likely we are to find a buyer quickly.

For Sellers – Store away your valuables

There is so much involved in staging, I can’t really cover it here. Just know that at the outset I will give you customized guidance in staging your home: curb appeal, de-personalizing, de-cluttering, repairing and so on. One of the key aspects of staging that can sometimes be overlooked is that it’s important to store your valuables, especially those things that people can easily stick in their pocket. This includes storing your private mail, financial statements, important papers – anything that might give clues your financial position. Also, put away any pharmaceuticals or personal items that might raise questions in the buyers’ minds or give away something about your situation. The idea is to put all the focus on the house itself so that people can imagine themselves in it.